Is Artificial Intelligence Adoption Obsolete? Join the Next Trend Now!

Artificial Intelligence is one of the hottest topics right now, but thinking about adopting AI in your organization is not the way to go, not anymore. If your organization had started moving towards AI back in 2016 it would have had a chance to build enough strength to survive the upcoming cataclysm: AI is about to go pervasive. The ship of AI adoption has left the port so long ago it is impossible to see now.

Not far into the future —somewhere between 2024 and 2028— a tectonic shift unlike anything ever experienced is going to shake the creation of value to its very core. Artificial Intelligence is not a thing of the future, it has become the major driving force behind advances in production techniques and enhanced service productivity. As AI advances in power, complexity, and creativity, human knowledge and decision-making are not safe-havens anymore. How can you compete when a new organization will be able to do all your company does with ever-shrinking costs and with ever-growing efficiency?

To face the looming threat innovation is key, but traditional innovation is unsustainable. Most companies are not prepared to innovate, and practically none is ready to innovate at sufficient speed to compete against the efficiencies already acquired by AI-enabled companies. Is everything lost? No.

Organizations need to be deconstructed and rebuilt with a different AI at their core. This new AI stands for Augmented Innovation. Stay with us and discover what it is and how it will enable your organization to survive and thrive in the hyper-hostile environment soon to come.

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